About Braze

Braze is a leading customer engagement platform that powers lasting connections between consumers and brands they love. Braze allows any marketer to collect and take action on any amount of data from any source, so they can creatively engage with customers in real time, across channels from one platform. From cross-channel messaging and journey orchestration to Al-powered experimentation and optimization, Braze enables companies to build and maintain absolutely engaging relationships with their customers that foster growth and loyalty.

Braze by the Numbers


Customers As of April 30, 2024.

6.5 Billion

Monthly Active Users As of April 30, 2024.

Over 2.6 Trillion

Messaging and Other Canvas Actions In Calendar Year 2023.


Y/Y Revenue Growth For the fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2024.


Dollar-Based net retention For the trailing 12 months ended April 30, 2024.

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